A Variety of Wildlife Revealing such Beauty

After a two days of rain the clouds let up and allowed sunshine to come shining through. The immense amount of rain was made evident by the newly created waterfalls that gently cascaded down from the forest, onto the beaches and out to sea.

Perhaps the wildlife took shelter from this passing storm but today many species were out, drying their wings, hunting, foraging and feeding.

As we cruised the picturesque passageways, Great Blue Herons were seen perched elegantly on floating bull kelp. Bald Eagles stood prominent on low lying rocks with seals only a wing stretch away. We had a delightful look at a Sea Otter which feasted on a crab while lying on its back as though the ocean was an arm chair. It is delightful to ponder the idea that this individual has made this area its home. How wonderful to know that there is a possibility that a population of Sea Otters may develop in the future.

Today we had an exquisite encounter with a local pod of resident Orca. While drifting in silence, our engines off and over 200 meters away, we observed the A 34' pod foraging slowly in a westerly direction. One whale peeled away from the pod and it was though the whale made a special visit with each vessel. Perhaps it was a curious youngster investigating its surroundings.

When it was time to leave the Orcas, we made our way to an area where bait balls galore could be seen. Humpbacks foraging but did not show signs of actual feeding. One Humpback slapped its tail numerous times and from a distance we could see it clearly by the large splash that it created.

By the time our tour was coming to a close, the sun had warmed us. The experienced we shared with our fellow passengers filled up adventure bucket to the brim because today it felt as though all the wildlife came out to play and we were once again blessed to be on the water.

Hayley ShephardComment