A Day of Greatness and Gratitude - September 24th

Every day on tour there is potential for greatness. Great people, great weather, great scenery, great sightings and great photo opportunities!

Today was one of those great days! Everywhere we looked, there was something exciting to watch. 

It all began with the viewing of numerous Bald Eagles seen perched high on treetops followed by some 8-10 Humpback Whales whose activities kept us mesmerised for 1.5+ hours. While we sat listening and watching, we observed some intensive tail lobbing and pectoral slapping while other whales were seen trap feeding and lunge feeding through immense bait balls. 

With reports of Biggs Transient Orcas nearby we were soon in the vicinity of some 6+ orcas and several hundred Stellar Sea Lions, the reason for the interest shown by these marine mammal hunters. We were fortunate to arrive in time to listen to their vocalizations via our hydrophone and witness some amazing breaching activity by the orcas. 

Also seen today: A Black Bear, Common Murres, Rhinoceros Auklets, Pelagic Cormorants and Gull Species.

Our photos today are all courtesy of Robin Quirk (Robins Eye Photography), they have been cropped and taken using a telephoto lens.

The saying " A picture is worth a thousand words" sums up our tour entirely, thanks to Robin!

Hayley ShephardComment