Feasting Humpbacks and Picturesque Passageways

This morning under a heavy cloak of clouds and a slight dampness to the air, we set out in search of adventure. What was awaiting us around the corners we rounded, the passageways we quietly cruised through and the islets and islands we visited.

During our tour today, it seemed that every animal was eating. If only the small schooling fish knew what abundance, nutrients and joy they provide for so many animals of this oceanic region. Bait balls were seen in every direction and above the chaos that occurred below the surface of the sea, a similar frenzy was happening amongst the gulls, Common Murres and Rhinoceros Auklets above.

Humpback whales lunged forward, their jaws broad and wide as they scooped up mouthfuls of fish. Their baleen plates were easily seen as they filtered the food from the water. Whale blows could be seen on the vast horizon as one after another surfaced to breath, letting out their warm and powerful breath every time they surfaced then dove.

During the last few outings we noticed that our Stellar Sea Lions had moved location. They are now hauled out on rocks just east of Orcalab. They will be heard throughout the winter, keeping the Orcalab caretakers company with their bellowing deep grunting sounds.

It was a day of cruising. At the slowest speed we journeyed through the narrow passage ways, our heads poised up towards the sky to peer at the tree tops as we searched for Bald Eagles. Below these towering trees, rocks were smothered with speckled Harbour Seals, that lounged on the tidal rocks. It is hard to believe that summer has come to a close and our season of touring in this region will soon come to an end.

How grateful we all were to have witnessed the grandeur of this region with the whales and the scenic vistas that literally took our breath away.

Hayley ShephardComment