Marine Mammal Ballet


Summer was in the air this afternoon as we embarked on an adventure with skipper Jon onboard MV Seasmoke. We could literally feel the warmth of the September sun penetrating our cozy mustang float suits, and what complimented this unexpected weather was a welcomed calm and peaceful sea.

Over the past few days we have had to journey a number of miles to encounter our local resident orca, but not today, this afternoon they came to us. With all guests onboard we departed Alder Bay and motored for less than fifteen minutes. Immediately we could see a combination of whale blows on the smooth horizon, some belonging to Humpback, others from Orca. We observed two family groups that spent the afternoon foraging and socializing all within the narrow passage of Weynton Pass. They displayed behaviour which appeared to be playful as they tail slapped and spyhopped and occasionally breached. It was as though they too were celebrating this unexpected summer day.

The entire time we watched the Orca, at least two Humpbacks foraged in the same vicinity; Two completely different species of whales together sharing in the abundance of the sea, all the while the Stellar sea lions provided their symphony of sound. Numbers of sea lions have increased as they take over even more rock space in a number of locations, and so the volume of grunts, croaks and snorts has been turned up a notch. From a distance it was like an ocean ballet performance with a questionable sound track.

As we look towards tomorrow’s forecast it is hard to believe that during the night, this summer day will turn to fall once again with rain, wind and lower temperatures. How grateful we are that the weather does not seem to dictate a change in the movements and locations of our local resident animals we are so blessed to have in our backyard.  

Hayley ShephardComment